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Buying a home can be one of the most exciting and nerve racking decisions of your lifetime.  The wrong choice can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected repair costs that could have been avoided by knowing all of the facts before you buy.cover page

Homes can be made to look perfect by staging and covering up defects with paint or new finishes.  This is where a professional inspector can look beyond that and see what is really happening with a house.  There are always very small or sometimes large signs of underlying issues that can help us understand what has happened or is yet to happen to the home.

At Nolan inspection we are here for you when you need to know everything there is to know.  We are flexible and work around your schedule to ensure we have the proper time to go through the home and educate you on the entire system.  We teach you about the home and its features and benefits.  If there are repairs needed; whether minor or major; we can recommend remediation and potential costs that you may incur. Remember, anything can be fixed.

It’s Not Just A House, It’s a Home!!

We make sure that your dream home is a Reality!

About Me

About Nolan InspectionsKEN_CMYK

  • Over 15 years experience in construction management and maintenance
  • Certified member of INTERNACHI in good standing.
  • Certified Eco-Energy Auditor
  • Energy Star Participant – hold license to certified energy star homes
  • Level 1 certified Thermographer
  • Flexible hours to accommodate the customer
  • Free follow up to ensure an easy transition into your new home
  • Providing a Preventative Maintenance Checklist to help the customer keep their home in great shape.
  • We add links to product and equipment information to provide documents that may not have been left with the home.
  • We provide an online electronic report with pictures, videos and recommendations…a realistic, honest and practical assessment of the homelarge home sample


The Pre-Sale Inspection

Pre-Inspection Pays:

Listing your home?  Why not have a presale inspection.  Why wait until you  have a potential buyer and then large home buyerfind out that there are deficiencies that may spoil the deal.  Having a presale inspection can identify issues that may hinder a deal going through.  It could also give the other party leverage to barter and try and reduce the price.  The report is yours to do with what you wish, it can even be attached to an online mls listing for public viewing.  When the unknowns are removed the stress goes with it.


Energy Efficiency Audits

wallsEnergy costs are getting higher everyday with no end in sight.  How would you like to optimize your homes energy efficiency with common sense recommendations based on the facts.  Yes, we can show you exactly were you are losing heat and wasting resources and most importantly; your money.

We can do a blower door test to your home and show you costly leaks with thermal imaging and how to easily make it better.


Infrared Inspections

cameraFor years infrared thermal imaging technology has been used for preventative and predictive maintenance in manufacturing, in law enforcement and in medicine. Now it is used by professional home inspectors that want to offer more insight and protection for todays educated buyers.  Why not see it all?

Infrared thermal imaging is a picture of temperatures.  It shows us many things by these temperatures differentials.  We can find heat loss, water leaks, missing insulation, electrical overloads, in floor heating, blocked plumbing and many more issues.  It is the electrical thermal imagebest way to locate a wet basement and isolate the true problem.  This type of inspection tool is always available for Nolan Inspection Customers.  The inspection is carried out by a level 1 certified thermographer so that the results can be interpreted by a professional that is trained by a government licensed institution.

Most importantly, we listen to our customer and to what their concerns are.  There is no extra charge for this type of inspection and the added security that it brings.

What to Expect

  • It is always best for the customer to be there for the entire inspection.  Afterall it is always easiest to learn first hand.large roof
  • The inspection will take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, there is a lot to cover.
  • Before the inspection, write down as many questions as you can, even take along paper on a walk through of the home before you set up the inspection.
  • We will be inspecting from the foundation right up to the roof and everything in between.  The customer’s safety is the most important thing; so NO you won’t be allowed on the roof or close to the electrical panel.  You will however have pictures and videos of what you can’t look at.
  • At the end of the inspection we will review all of the vital information about the home and go through questions that you wrote down.
  • You will receive the full colour report online within 24 hours and it will remain there for 5 years.  You can download it, print it, save it, email it to a contractor, anything you want.  The report belongs to you.